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WISP by Veskin7 WISP by Veskin7

Stealth Bomber
Gallente Elite Fleet

To your attention I present the WISP.

This is an old school paper drawn project of me. I used a set of rulers and a protractor. For any additional details you can contact me:

The ship is meant to be Black Ops class /if you like it you can change the size/. The original design was meant to give the ship the ability to “lean” its wings and Shock Emitter antennas (see below) back and switch to Compact Mode – for warping (the Ion Impulse Engines create a field when close to each other and dramatically increase warp speed). There are engines on top of each wing and on the back.

Here is what I propose for ship description and equipment:

The Wisp stealth bomber is designed to perform complex tasks of reconnaissance, infiltration and bombarding enemy battlecruisers or command ships. The new Ion Impulse Engine Technology provides excellent velocity and mobility for both normal and warp modes.

The Wisp stealth bomber is used by Gallente Elite Fleet for pursuing and destroying major criminal forces and national threats.

High Power Slots: 8
Medium Power Slots: 5
Low Power Slots: 4
Rig Slots: 4 – Size: Large


1. The ship is usually equipped with three Big Special Projectile Turrets, loaded with Ion Sphere Ammo (35 in magazine). They are fitted on top of the three wings (eye apple design).The Ion Sphere is a brand new technology developed recent years. It is presented by a small core that emits ionized EMP Field that deals explosive and EM damage. The main attribute of these spheres is their ability to open a hole in enemy shields and if the Wisp pilot hit the same spot again, he will ignore shield and damage the armor and hull directly. MicrowarpDrives attract the sphere if active (+50% chance to be hit), so the enemy ship must be small and agile in order to avoid it.

When launched the Ion Sphere looks like a tiny blue sun (with the appropriate light effects). On weapon activation the sphere shines on top of the turret, gains power (shines brighter) and then launches.

2. The second part of the equipment is the two mounts of big Magus Prototype Railgun Turrets, loaded with Singular Charges (50 in magazine). Singular charges create an implosion that deals a lot of damage and slows the enemy ship or causes concussion.

3. Optionally – in case of heavy fight ahead, the Wisp can be equipped with two additional rocket or torpedo launchers loaded with various tactical missiles and sometimes – the Death Agent Torpedoes that emit an EMP wave when exploding – it drains nearby ships capacitors.

4. The last but not least part of the Wisp armament is the Stormwave Shock Emitter (presented by the three antennas with a ball between the ship wings – only for big ships). It creates a shockwave that drains the enemy smaller ships shield in 6km range (high capacitor consumption). Sometimes pilots prefer to replace it with Evas Countermeasure launcher, loaded with 80 Protoype Countermeasures that attract enemy missiles.

As stealth bomber (Black Ops) the Wisp can cloak itself and has a separate jump drive.

The cloak technology, provided by Nixev Company is presented by Cloak Cells built in the ship armor. If friendly ships are also equipped with these Cloak Cells (low power slot) then they can be also hidden by the Wisp Cloak Field.

--Additional Equipment—

The Wisp can be equipped with three Repair Bots (low power slot). They can repair both hull and armor, but they can be destroyed if hit.

In addition to that there is the Crash & Burn Anti Lockdown Device that slows the enemy lock speed dramatically (medium power slot).

If you find any similarity with EVE articles here – it is by chance. I just finished my 14 day trial. Hoping to upgrade to a paid account. I really like your game. :)

Best wishes!

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toshko Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2010
Cool. :)
Veskin7 Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you guys! :)
forcecom1 Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2010
I like this design, looks like a jack
good luck
Veskin7 Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Maybe you are right, but this ship was in my mind long before this contest and I imagine it that way - with all the stuff and equipment. After all - this is also a part of the creative process...

Thanks for the good words. I appreciate it. :)
Veskin7 Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Actually I have seen EVE before - a friend of mine wad the game. So I am familiar with their stuff. Well... that was a long time ago. Things have changed - and they are way better now. :)
Veskin7 Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
"Familiar wit their stuff"??? Why the hell did I say that?! Well I am playing the game now and realize that I am far away from being familiar with anything here. My apologies.
Byodood Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2010
I think CCP is just looking for new models, not something they have to make special stuff for. Nonetheless, it is awesome. Good work mate.
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September 27, 2010
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